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Boat Detailing Training Course

Want to learn How to Detail Boats and, start or enhance a successful detailing business?  Mobile Detail Guy gives you the skills and business savvy to dominate the boat market in your demographic area!  Make More Money in a Shorter  period of time with Mobile Detail Guy Training!  

You will Learn:

  • Pre- Inspection and Safety Guidelines
  • Jel Coat Reconditioning : Oxidation Removal
  •  Exterior Cleaning
  •  Interior Cleaning and sanitizing
  •  Exterior Waxing and Polishing
  •  Vinyl Cleaning
  •  Mold Removal
  •  Engine Room Detailing
  •  Bilge Cleaning and Mold Treatments
  • Inspection and photo documentation

Buying the right products and equipment may mean the difference between staying in business and not.  It is crucial to have the proven items to successfully launch or sustain your business.  Why waste time and tons of money trying to figure it out when we have it all together for you!

WE Supply you with:

Product List

Equipment List

Business Consulting Package:  Personal Consulting Session

Boat Detailing Trade Secrets Revealed!
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Learn the most effective and cost saving techniques!  You can't go wrong with customized training and certification from Mobile Detail Guy!

Mobile Detail Guy Instructors teaching students proper safety while polishing over water.

Boats aren't the only marine items that need detailing!  Get Training Today! Start Making money tomorrow!

Serious oxidation?  No Problemo, Mobile Detail Guy Teaches you how to process any size vessel in the water or out!   Learn Boat Detailing from the Pro's!    How much do you think a customer would pay you to transform their boat from this picture to the next picture below?  $400 - $500 - $600?

After Mobile Detail Guy Reconditioning

With Mobile Detail Guy you will learn how to put a million dollar shine on any boat!

Learn how to acid wash and clean hulls making them look like new!!! 



Hull cleaning using Acid Wash techniques from Mobile Detail Guy

Make Money whether your clients boat is in or out of the water!  Mobile Detail Guy Training

Starting or Expanding a Mobile Detailing business?  Contact Mobile Detail Guy for consulting and start-up planning guidance.

Knowing the proper techniques, chemical components, time saving application processes is what will set you apart from the rest!  After training with Mobile Detail Guy, you will have the confidence and skill sets needed to be successful in the Mobile Detailing Industry!

"We're not that other guy, we're Mobile Detail Guy"

Boat Detailing Training and Consulting from the pro's
Denton Texas Boat Detail, Houton Texas RV Detail, Gainesville Ga Boat Detailing, Seattle Washington, Branson Missouri, Atlanta Georgia, Oklahoma City, North Carolina, Nashville,
Orlando Florida, Salt Lake City, and many other cities nationwide

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