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Learn how to start or improve your current detailing business with help from the industry leader in training, Mobile Detail Guy.  Did you know that most start-up businesses fail because of one common mistake?  Yep, not having enough information prior to launching.  Information about the industry your about to enter is key.  Actually, it's more valuable than any other part of your business.  With Mobile Detail Guy as your consultant, you will have access to over 20 years of hands on knowledge.  Wow, just think if you could start off with 20 years of industry information at your fingertips instead of taking 20 years to find out all of the information.  Mobile Detail Guy can teach you hand on skill sets and package it with the detailing business consulting package giving you a win win start-up scenario!    If you currently operate a detailing operation and would like to create more sales and make a lot more money, you need to contact Mobile Detail Guy today for a free phone consultation!  866-456-8712   Don't procrastinate!  call today, it's FREE!

: ) "The only ones in life who fail are those who never start!  Mobile Detail Guy 2013"

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