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Aircraft Detailing How To Manual

This Manual has information that the Pro's don't want you to know!
Manual Reveals how you can Start your own business for under $1000 and 10 Times More!

Also Included in the Manual
  • Pre-Service Inspections
  • Safety
  • Tool and Supply placement
  • Tools and Supplies List
  • Static Port and Antenna Safety marking
  • Wet Washing
  • Dry Washing Techniques
  • Landing gear cleaning and products
  • Fuselage Cleaning and detailing
  • Waxing Techniques
  • Polishing Techniques
  • Paint Sealants
  • Bright Work polishing
  • Interior Cleaning - Carpet and Leather Care
  • 30 page Aircraft Pricing Guide Included
  • Marketing Consulting Package - Shows you how to set your business up ASAP!
  • Insurance - Without buying commercial insurance
  • And More!!!!
This Manual reveals the secrets to Mastering Aircraft Detailing! If that's not enough, also included is the International Aircraft Pricing Guide.  Over 30 pages of aircraft pricing on almost every aircraft!  A $99 value alone! 
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Aircraft Detailing Trade Secrets Revealed!
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